Aaron Pippin

Director of Operations

Aaron has worked in the commercial plumbing industry for 17 years and has been an important part of the Campbell team for the last 14 ½ years. He began his career as a plumber helper in Panama City, FL. and 2 1/2 years later moved to Jacksonville, FL. He was hired by Campbell within weeks of his arrival. He began his tenure with Campbell in the field. After several years of taking on larger and more complex projects as he moved up the ranks in the field, he moved into the office as a Project Manager. He often handles Campbell’s most significant and/or challenging projects. Aaron served as Campbell’s Director of Plumbing and is now Director of Operations. In this position, he oversees Campbell’s plumbing and HVAC project managers and provides support to all of them on an as-needed basis. One of his duties is to participate in crucial “handoff” meetings. It is here that the project team reviews the project plans and specifications together and reinforces the importance of full compliance to the client’s project goals.

Aaron can also serve as the Senior Project Manager (SPM) on larger Campbell projects. As SPM, he remains involved throughout the course of the project, while remaining accessible to other project managers. His experience and diverse background enable him to maintain a "big picture" perspective while managing his projects and supporting his colleagues.