Bob Mauntel

Director of Preconstruction

Mauntel has spent the last 42 years working in the commercial plumbing industry. He completed a state-certified four-year plumber apprenticeship program in his hometown of Cincinnati, OH. He worked for years as a journeyman plumber in Ohio and moved to Florida in 2011. After arriving in the Sunshine State, he gained industry experience working for several plumbing and mechanical firms in Florida and Colorado. Bob joined Campbell in September 2015. His preconstruction expertise includes both detailed and conceptual estimating. He can generate a precise “plans and specs” detailed estimate or develop a conceptual estimate based on preliminary design documents. His ability to generate a reliable Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) based on schematic design (SD) or design development (DD) documents is invaluable. Bob’s years of preconstruction experience bring tangible and measurable value to every Campbell project. Mauntel leads our preconstruction team during the critical activities of value engineering, constructability reviews, budget generation, specifications assistance, and more. His contributions provide a solid foundation for project success.