Mike Andrews

Manager of Field Operations

Mike has over forty years of experience in the commercial plumbing industry. He holds a Florida Certified Plumbing Contractor license, a Plumbing Inspector’s license, and is State certified in medical gas piping and medical gas equipment installation. Mike has worked in the Jacksonville area for his entire career. He is one of the most experienced and respected commercial plumbers in Northeast Florida. At Campbell, Mike manages field personnel and controls much of the ebb and flow of individual project needs. Additionally, he’s involved in personnel technical training and development as well as company safety. Mike has a passion for prefabrication. He supervises the prefab work and looks for every chance to prefabricate various plumbing assemblies. These can include underground plumbing, in-wall plumbing, water closet carriers, overhead piping, medical gas head walls, and more. Finally, he has helped establish and continues to maintain Campbell’s quality and craftmanship standards and enforces strict adherence to project specifications and customer goals.