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Campbell’s safety program has grown in scale and sophistication as we’ve grown as a company and our customers have become larger and more sophisticated.

Our corporate approach to safety is successful because it has been embraced internally from top down. From senior management to the rank and file, each employee is “empowered to make a difference” and taught how to do so.

The primary goal of Campbell’s safety program is a simple and honorable one. It is to ensure that every employee goes home at the end of a shift in the same (or better) shape as when they came to work in the morning.

Annual participation in Associated Builders and Contractors’ Safety Training and Evaluation Process (STEP) has resulted in reinforcement of our safety culture. The annual application process forces a company to closely examine their safety efforts. It’s an unblinking analysis of what constitutes a good or a bad safety program. Much of our safety success can be attributed to STEP’s annual subjective and objective analysis of safety policies and procedures.

Our Director of Corporate Safety, Jeff Shinske, has a passion for safety that is necessary to succeed at the highest levels. Our Days Away, Restricted, and Transfers (DART) and Experience Modification Rate (EMR) continue to decline year after year. Our three year average D.A.R.T. rate is a .23 and our 2024 Experience Modification Rate was a .76, both numbers well below the industry average for like-sized plumbing & HVAC firms.

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